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BossBidet Revolution

  • The BossBidet Revolution is single temperature toilet bidet attachment. It cleans your butt in 1.3 seconds, shuts off automatically, and self sanitizes the nozzle. 

    - Starts washing at the push of a button.

    - Auto shutoff technology to prevent accidental flooding.

    - Three cleaning modes for men, women, and children.

    - Pressure control knob for soft and strong water cleansing.

    - Easily attaches to a two piece toilet in less than 15 minutes.

    - Includes wrench and screwdriver.

    - No electricity is required.

    - Designed for residential and public bathrooms. 

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Jerusalem Gold
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Vicki H
Clean your bum

Love the clean fresh feeling after use. The water is cold but you do get used to it. Wish I had bought one of these years ago.

2nd Boss Bidet I’ve purchased... works well

Works well

Works exactly as advertised

Works great, this is my first Bidet ever, and it works better than I expected. Wish I would have bought one of these before. Very happy with this purchase.

Eagles Nest Int Ministie
Great bidet

Great bidet. Cold water to revive the soul in winter months. Great product overall.

Love my boss

"My Boss Bidet is a 4.95. I love the ease of installation and really appreciate the clean feeling it leaves. I just had spine surgery and can neither bend or twist for 6 weeks so my Boss is a lifesaver. The only small negative is that there is a certain amount of spray that escapes through the side and back of the seat but a towel on the floor and back of the commode quickly solves this problem.
Thanks Boss."