Boss Bidet Revolution Plus - Warm Water

  • The BossBidet Revolution+ is a dual-temperature toilet bidet attachment. It cleans your butt in 1.3 seconds, automatically shuts off after use, and self-sanitizes the nozzle. The Revolution+ includes our innovative thermostat adaptor that mixes hot and cold water to spray at the optimal warm temperature water.

    - Starts washing at the push of a button.

    - Thermostat adaptor mixes hot & cold water to spray warm temperature. 

    - Auto shutoff technology to prevent accidental flooding.

    - Three cleaning modes for men & women.

    - Pressure control knob for soft and strong water cleansing.

    - Easily attaches to a two-piece toilet in less than 15 minutes.

    - Includes wrench and screwdriver.

    - No electricity is required.

    - The only simple child-friendly bidet. Push one button to wash. 

Jerusalem Gold
Tokyo Platinum
Italian Oak
Bali Bamboo
Black Tokyo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Amelia Wilson
The clean secret you'll want to share

I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. The Boss Bidet Revolution is easy to install, works perfectly, and provides a comfortable clean.

Zoey Martinez
Experience the clean difference

This bidet attachment exceeded my expectations! It's easy to install, provides a refreshing clean, and saves money on toilet paper.

Caleb Johnson
Hygiene made easy

Absolutely love my new bidet attachment! It's easy to install, provides a gentle clean, and reduces the need for toilet paper.

lily garcia
Freshness with every flush

I'm impressed with the quality and performance of this bidet attachment. It's efficient, easy to install, and provides a comfortable clean.

Samuel Brown
Effortless cleanliness, every time

This bidet attachment is fantastic! It's easy to install, provides a gentle clean, and reduces the need for toilet paper. Highly recommend!