Boss Bidet Revolution - Cool Water

  • The Boss Bidet Revolution is a single-temperature toilet bidet attachment. It cleans your butt in 1.3 seconds, shuts off automatically, and self-sanitizes the nozzle. 

    - Starts washing at the push of a button.

    - Auto shutoff technology to prevent accidental flooding.

    - Three cleaning modes for men, women, and children.

    - Pressure control knob for soft and strong water cleansing.

    - Easily attaches to a two-piece toilet in less than 15 minutes.

    - Includes wrench and screwdriver.

    - No electricity is required.

    - Designed for residential and public bathrooms. 

    Boss Bidet Warranty

Jerusalem Gold
Tokyo Platinum
Italian Oak
Bali Bamboo
Black Tokyo

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Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Chandler
Gets the job done

This bidet was easy to install and works really well. One drawback, it's hard to clean, especially around the nozzle. I'm also concerned the portion where the dial is located is a bit flimsy.

Karen Bernard
flimsy but functional

The device is made of very flimsy plastic, but it’s simple, easy to clean, and it works. I like it.

The packaging is terrible, though. There is a very heavy wrench included, and if it breaks out of its cardboard hold, it will slosh around and damage the bidet. This happened with the first bidet I ordered. With the replacement, they sent a free travel bidet that was just thrown into the bag with the heavier cardboard box holding the second (replacement) bidet. Everything in the smaller, thin cardboard box had come out—the travel bidet + papers. The box was smashed. While this didn’t hurt the travel bidet, it seemed like carelessness to me.

When I first wrote to Ahmad, the owner, about the damaged—used?—bidet I got the first time around, AND filled out the correct form, I didn’t hear from anyone for a week and a half. When I then wrote to Ahmad again and filled out their standard comment form, I heard back right away. It would be nice to be able to call and talk to an actual person. Guess that’s asking too much these days.

Hi Karen, Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback! Our design team is aware of the packaging and are working on a higher quality solution which will launch later this year!

You can contact our customer service team anytime via phone or text 832-844-0098.

James Harvey
Best bidet ever

I now have two Boss bidets. My wife and I love them. A really good product with great customer service.

Matthew Miller
Beyond Expectations

Exceeded my expectations! This bidet attachment is easy to install and works like a charm.

Jessica Thompson
I Just love it

Very Happy. Saves money on toilet paper and provides a thorough clean.