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Boss Bidet Revolution Plus + (Warm Water)

  • The BossBidet Revolution+ is a dual-temperature toilet bidet attachment. It cleans your butt in 1.3 seconds, automatically shuts off after use, and self-sanitizes the nozzle. The Revolution+ includes our innovative thermostat adaptor that mixes hot and cold water to spray at the optimal warm temperature water.

    - Starts washing at the push of a button.

    - Thermo Adaptor mixes hot & cold water to spray warm temperature. 

    - Auto shutoff technology to prevent accidental flooding.

    - Three cleaning modes for men & women.

    - Pressure control knob for soft and strong water cleansing.

    - Easily attaches to a two-piece toilet in less than 15 minutes.

    - Includes wrench and screwdriver.

    - No electricity is required.

    - The only simple child-friendly bidet. Push one button to wash. 

Jerusalem Gold
Tokyo Platinum
Italian Oak
Bali Bamboo
Black Tokyo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Sidney Hunnicutt
The buns like it

My wife asked that we get one of these and she wanted with warm water. Purchased the Revolution plus and it has worked perfectly. Installation was not hard, online instructions very good. Highly recommend this product

Christy Christen

It's nice on really rough IBSD days, but on regular days it doesn't really do anything. And I still have to use paper to dry my bum.

Philip K Walters
Great product

Buying the Boss Bidet is one of the best moves I have ever made. It simplifies daily life. It's easy and refreshing to use.

Great product!

During the pandemic with the shortage of toilet paper, a friend suggested I look into getting a bidet. She had bought one and was really happy with it. I ended up buying one for each of our bathrooms. I like feeling that my bum is not just dried off but actually clean. Great product!

Works as described and prompt support from company

We've used a product like this in Asia for years and was delighted to know it can be purchased in the USA too. The installation was a breeze. Most important of all, Boss stood behind its product and replaced a defective part promptly. It was reassuring. Thanks, Boss!