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Boss Bidet Revolution Plus +

  • The BossBidet Revolution+ is a dual-temperature toilet bidet attachment. It cleans your butt in 1.3 seconds, shuts off automatically, and self-sanitizes the nozzle. The Revolution+ includes our innovative thermostat adaptor which mixes warm and cold water to spray the most optimal temperature.

    - Starts washing at the push of a button.

    - Auto shutoff technology to prevent accidental flooding.

    - Three cleaning modes for men, women, and children.

    - Pressure control knob for soft and strong water cleansing.

    - Easily attaches to a two-piece toilet in less than 15 minutes.

    - Includes wrench and screwdriver.

    - No electricity is required.

Jerusalem Gold
Tokyo Platinum
Italian Oak
Bali Bamboo
Black Tokyo

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Customer Reviews

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Philip K Walters
Great product

Buying the Boss Bidet is one of the best moves I have ever made. It simplifies daily life. It's easy and refreshing to use.

Great product!

During the pandemic with the shortage of toilet paper, a friend suggested I look into getting a bidet. She had bought one and was really happy with it. I ended up buying one for each of our bathrooms. I like feeling that my bum is not just dried off but actually clean. Great product!

Works as described and prompt support from company

We've used a product like this in Asia for years and was delighted to know it can be purchased in the USA too. The installation was a breeze. Most important of all, Boss stood behind its product and replaced a defective part promptly. It was reassuring. Thanks, Boss!

John Bock
BossBidet is the best gift to give.

Anytime I need to get a gift for family, friend, client I just buy them a BossBidet. Everyone is always suprised and excited to use it. It's always the talk of the party as the best gift and it's more affordable than the other gifts I see handed out. Why are bidets a great gift? People will use them everyday so you constantly stay on their mind everytime they #2.

So Worth it

Great product