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Boss Relief - Instant Itch Relief - Boss Bidet

Boss Relief - Instant Itch Relief

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Boss Relief tackles one of the most discomforting and distracting pains - anal itching and swelling. Using plant only ingredients, we formulated a highly concentrated salve that will immediately relieve pain and itching and last all day long. You will forget about it! No more squirming in your chair or trying to scratch down there. Boss Relief helps you get on with your day without the unpleasant feeling.

Safe and natural for men and women:

Unlike other anal itch or hemorrhoid creams, we only use 100% Natural and Organic ingredients and handcraft our salve in small batches. Our formula consists of capsicum to help reduce swelling and menthol to provide immediate cooling relief. The base of our formula consists of organic beeswax and organic oils of coconut and olive. This organic base helps to nourish sensitive skin, reduce chafing, and carries anti-inflammatory properties.

Works Great for:

Rectum and buttocks Itch
Hemorrhoid itch
Vaginal Itching
Jock Itch
Pruritus ani
Yeast infection
Bacterial vaginosis
Genital warts
Genital herpes
Bacterial vaginosis


extra virgin olive oil* (infused with capsicum),
virgin coconut oil*
eucalyptus oil
clove oil
almond oil
lavender oil
myrrh oil



Daily use is recommended as swelling and itching persists. Use every morning after using the restroom and at night before sleep.


Take a very small amount on your finger. The salve should be nearly clear on your finger. Gently apply the salve. Do not insert inside the anal passageway

Caution: Boss Relief is a highly concentrated and extremely strong salve. Upon initial use, you may feel burning followed by a cooling sensation. The burning is from the cayenne, and will quickly go away. It is required to simulate the blood and help reduce swelling. After a few uses, your body will adapt to the new sensation and quickly enjoy the relief that comes from our secret recipe.


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