BossBidet Revolution - Launching Mid September.


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Frequently Asked Questions

BossBidet Revolution easily FITS 99% of two piece toilets. It will fit on both round toilets and elongated toilets. It will NOT fit the majority of 1 piece toilets.

The REAR water spray cleans your butt.
The FRONT water spray is for the ladie’s private area and makes it easier for the gentlemen to hand wash the goods. FYI, this is a major boss move and we advise all men to wash their package daily to feel fully clean and confident. 
The SANITIZE feature sprays down at the nozzles to clean any residue before water is sprayed at your tush. It’s recommended to SANITIZE before and after using your bidet.

Yes, you can increase or reduce the pressure of your BossBidet by turning the round dial. 

Toilet shapes and cheek sizes differ and that’s ok. To adjust the aim, loosen the toilet screws and rotate the round bidet disks until the nozzles are centered.  Make sure the nozzles are close to the back of the toilet bowl, but not touching. Before tightening, sit down and test it out. Not hitting the target? Keep rotating, repositioning the nozzles forward, backwards, or sideways until you find the right position for you. When you reach the perfect aim, tighten the toilet screws and celebrate. 

If you're experiencing an issue connecting the Beoplay A1 to your device, checkout the documentation and solutions below:

Distance between the E8 and Bluetooth device - Face the front of your product towards the Bluetooth transmitting device (max distance is 10 meters and line-of-sight). Note that the Bluetooth antenna must be in your right earbud.

E8 Bluetooth receiver in the right earbud – If you wear a sports watch (e.g. an Apple watch) on your left wrist and are experiencing dropout issues, we recommended moving the watch to your right wrist.