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Benefits of a Bidet

Perhaps you have noticed the old proverbial question,"In case an eagle defecated on you, do you wash it off with paper or would you wash it with water" ...Oh, you have never heard the expression? No probs. H2O is the alternative way to wash nearly everything -- our dishes our exotic vehicles, our hair, and bodies. So why would'nt we clean our butts after dropping the kids in the pool (if you catch my drift💩)?

If a person took a dump on your doorstep... do you wipe it with toilet paper? No, you would likely wear a decontamination suit, pour 10 gallons of bleach and gasoline on it, then light your entire porch on fire. Dung, crap, shit,  poop, doodoo, whatever you decide to call it, is dangerous and unsanitary. The health dangers of using toilet paper are exponential. Wiping with toilet paper leaves you stewing in your own booty juices. That poop stain in your undies that we are collectively sitting on because we didn't wash with Boss Bidet can result in some really serious health issues.

A cleansing and calming water rinse, using Boss Bidet, will leave you feeling shower-fresh on the daily. Boss Bidet may be adjusted to match your own personal requirements and is appreciated by anybody: female, male, young, old, Trump supporter and Obama sympathists alike.

Apart from offering healthful advantages to consumers, bidets also help safeguard the environment. Americans use over 35 million rolls of toilet paper daily. This wastes valuable resources and harms the environment and ecosystems that rely on the trees that toilet paper is manufactured out of. Boss bidet reduces bathroom paper intake by 76 to 100 percent to provides you not only a lavish bathroom encounter but also an eco-friendly way of life that reduces your environmental footprint.

#greenbum! Read below to find out how Boss Bidet is a godsend for everybody

Benefits for Women


The Boss bidet, using its adjustable spray mode for women, leaves women feeling clean and rejuvenated. It's particularly useful during puberty, and several women have discovered that the calming properties of the bidet helps alleviate the distress related to constipation, yeast infections, and Urinary Tract Infections. Boss Bidet is very helpful during and after pregnancy to help soothe rectal discomfort, hemorrhoids, and overall vaginal and rectal distress. Many women also find Boss Bidet quite a comfortable and hygienic cleansing system after coital intercourse.