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Boss Bidet Bold | Black & Gold

You are a few clicks away from a brand new life. 

    BossBidet is designed to wash your tushy faster and better than you can. By using a bidet your butt will always feel fresh and confident like you're walking out of the shower. 

    No plumbing experience is needed. BossBidet is so easy to install that anyone who can follow simple directions will be able to hook it up. Just watch our 3 minute step by step installation video and viola, you now have a toilet bidet attachment.

    Unlike other bidets, Boss offers the user full cleaning control with 3 wash settings that clean your entire nether region and sanitize the nozzles.

    The (1) Rear Wash is aimed at the tush
    The (2) Front Wash is aimed at the privates
    The (3) NOZZLE CLEAN feature sprays down at the nozzle cover and through the jet holes to clean any previous residue before water is sprayed at your tush. We recommend using the nozzle cleaning function before and after washing.

    The Boss doesn’t just clean your rear, it’s also a solid investment that saves you money on toilet paper. BossBidet will reduce your toilet paper usage by 63% (on average). Toilet paper companies waste 37 gallons of water to manufacture 1 roll of toilet paper! The Boss Community is on a mission to protect the environment by educating users to wash with water and drying with a few sheets of TP.

  • Strong and soft water pressure for fast and effective cleaning. The nozzle control dial gives you full control of the water pressure delivered to your goods. Boss doesn’t play around when it comes to cleaning. You’ll never stand up from a toilet again wondering if you’re fully clean. The answer is, you probably didn’t, but we can guarantee that BossBidet will.

What is it?

The Boss Bidet toilet attachment easily hooks up to your toilet in 15 minutes and washes your butt when you are finished using the bathroom. 

How does it work?

  1. By turning the dial to the right, water sprays at the right spot to give you a fresh shower clean feeling.
  2. Dry your butt with a few sheets of toilet paper.
  3. Walk away feeling shower clean every time.

Boss Bidet Features

  • Dual nozzles for front and rear cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning nozzle system.
  • Retractable nozzle when not in use.
  • Strong and soft pressure control knob.
  • Adjustable round plates for a secure fit.

Included in the box

  • Stainless Steel hose and Brass T Adaptor
  • Instruction manual
  • 1-year warranty

Not included

  • Tools: wrench or screwdriver

Will this fit my toilet?

BossBidet will fit on the majority of two-piece toilets. BossBidet will not fit on one-piece toilets.

Health Benefits

  • Instantly improves personal hygiene
  • Makes menstruation cleaning a breeze
  • Assists pregnant women, disabled individuals,  and senior citizens with limited mobility
  • An absolute must for pre and post-sexual activities
  • If you're feeling constipated BossBidet helps loosen things up
  • Assist with itch relief, chafing, and hemorrhoids
  • Prevents infections (ex. UTI )and bacteria 


  • Installs easily in 15 minutes
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No electricity required

60-day Full Refund Trial

Buy BossBidet today and we'll give you 60 days to test it out. If you don't like it, contact us and we will issue a full refund when you return the bidet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Easy solution to one of life's most awkward dilemma! We love it, and wish we'd bought one years ago.

Super easy installation and does its job perfectly.

Roy Pandit
Five Stars

I just learned about bidets and decided that is something I need! I can actually say I feel clean after using the bathroom. I'm also using much less toilet paper now which is great for my wallet and the environment. The Boss Bidet is made out of high-quality material. The accessories are steel. There's an instruction video on the company's website to help you install it, which is a huge plus. Black is Boss! This bidet doesn't match anything in my bathroom but it makes the entire setup a nice contemporary style!

M. P. Justice

Works as described

I love this feature for that truly clean feeling after using ...

Never had one of these, it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Bragg
Wow! Much cleaner bum!


I'd like to just take the time out to express my gratitude for all your support and professional help. I cannot be happier with the support you provided in such a short period of time. I wish all folks I do business with were like you.

With this said, I practice to always begin with the simplest of things and then move into the more costly and complex solutions. So I did find some one inch (or inch in a half, cannot remember right now, in any case I got the largest available on the market) bumpers and used velcro on the seat to keep them in place and it worked!

It sits just high enough preventing the seat from placing any unnecessary force on the leading edge of the bidet where the nozzles hang from and is far back enough so there is no interference with spring action allowing them to pop open and close.

I'm good now for the time being. Note the seat is only tightened to a "snug" fit not a harsh " gotta-hold-hold-a-wing" kind? But, it is enough to keep it from coming off while simultaneously preventing any wiggle room or shifting from constant use.

I think you got a clear picture by now. Thank you kindly for the travel bidet. That was ever so generous of you guys.

Hope to do business again with you soon. I will share my experience with all who visit me and ask me about your product -bidets are not so common here in San Francisco so my guests are always surprised when they use it- do expect to ship out many more.

If there is anything I can do to help you with putting out an honest good word, please let me know and I will follow through okay?

Thank you,

Orlando Galvez